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Skin Care


Start with an exfoliation using Coconut Crush sugar scrub. Then rehydration with a Seaweed Body Wrap, followed by the finishing touch of Lavender and Rosemary Body Butter. Treatment takes about 60 minutes.



Customized Facial: Turn back the clock with this customized facial treatment developed to restore your youthful glow. Sun damage, hyper pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone are intensely addressed after a deep cleansing, followed by the brightening effects of a Glycolic Peel. Finishing your glow with a customized Hydrojelly mask to lock in the lasting effects of this customized treatment. This anti-aging Facial delivers glowing results immediately! $140.

Acne Facial: When clear skin is your goal, we have the REMEDY. This deep cleansing facial addresses troubled/acne prone skin with AHA exfoliation, extractions and an anti-bacterial serum to calm and refine the complexion. Finishing this treatment with a Sulfur mask leaves your skin less prone to break outs. This treatment focuses on healing and overall skin health. $140.

Light Infusion Facial: Utilize the power of LED technology to correct the damage done from the sun, free radicals, the environment, aging and acne. Powerful ingredients are used to correct these skin issues coupled with the LED protocol to help minimize the appearance of fine lines, acne, wrinkles and sun damage. This facial includes Dermaplaning. See information about LED Light Therapy Treatment.

Brightening Light Infusion Facial $180
Acne Light Infusion Facial $180
Anti-Aging Light Infusion Facial $180

Facial Add-Ons Collagen $25
Eye Treatment $20
Specialty Masks $20

Dermaplaning: A simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the face while gently removing all those fine hairs, leaving a smooth palette for better absorption of products and make up application. Add on to a facial: $45. Dermaplaning only $60.

Lash Tinting $25
Brow Tinting $20


Full Leg $75
Half Leg $45
Full Arm $55
Half Arm $30
Underarm $25
Bikini $45
French Bikini $55
Back $60
Chest $60
Brows $18
Chin $12
Lip $12
Chin & Lip $20

What is LED?

LED light therapy is the process of converting light energy into cellular energy for natural, non-invasive skin rejuvenation. A combination of these wavelengths: Red light therapy, Blue light therapy, and Infrared light therapy, work for anti aging therapy, wrinkle treatments, scar treatments, acne treatments and more. Blue and Red light can also be used to activate PDT, or Photo Dynamic Therapy.

The Red light therapy component of Lightwave therapy increases circulation. This LED light therapy technique can work as an:

  • Anti aging therapy
  • Wrinkle treatment
  • Scar treatment
  • Acne treatment

Of course, equally important to Red light, is Blue light therapy and Infrared light therapy.

Blue light therapy involves targeting one of the main causes of acne which is the presence of P. Acnes bacteria within the skin. Once the skin absorbs LIGHTWAVE’s Blue light, molecules within the skin produce singlet oxygen and free radicals that kill the P. acnes bacteria. As for Infrared, it’s an invisible light that increases collagen and elastin production and nourishes damaged tissues. LED light therapy is effective, affordable and pain-free, from its use as a body treatment and scar treatment, to anti aging therapy and wrinkle treatment.