Our Bethany Massage Services*

From the ultimate in relaxation to therapeutic bodywork to Reiki, we offer it all!

Each massage is tailored to the client’s individual needs. 

Handicap Accessible


Massage is the manipulation of muscles and connective tissues for therapeutic purposes. The benefits include relaxation, rehabilitation, health maintenance, pain management as well as mental wellbeing. Light, medium to deep pressure.

60 Minutes $110.00. 90 Minutes $150.00


Try our new couples room!! For those who like to share the massage experience with a friend or loved one.

60 Minutes $220.00

» Massage Class 101 for Two

Learn hands on tips to help the ones you love! Qualified massage therapists will teach you therapeutic techniques to address problem areas. For your self care and the care of your partner. Both participants will receive 35-40 minutes on the table and 35-40 minutes of instruction. A fun interactive and beneficial experience.

90 Minutes $150.00


Address the special needs of the changing body during pregnancy. Prenatal, after 12 weeks, through postpartum. During this massage the client will be lying on her side with pillows for support.

60 mins. $110.00

» Lymph Massage with Patty Boyle

Light rhythmical spiral-like movements to accelerate the movement of Lymphatic fluids. Improves metabolism, helps drain stagnant interstitial fluids, toxins and proteins. Helps reduce fluid retention, increases immunity, aids in surgery recovery and reducing scar tissue.

60 minutes $110. 90 minutes $150.

» Craniosacral Therapy with Patty Boyle

A gentle hands on method of evaluating and enhancing the functioning of the physiologic body system. Relieving tension in the central nervous system. Promotes a feeling of well being by eliminating pain and stress while boosting overall health and immunity. Clients are fully clothed during this treatment.

60 minutes $110.

Raindrop Therapy with Cathy Rivera

Raindrop Therapy is a technique used to rejuvenate the mind and body. It was inspired by the Native American tradition of observing the Northern lights while inhaling the affirming aroma of nearby conifer trees. This treatment helps bring balance and harmony to the body by combining targeted massage and distinctive energy approaches. It includes working with pure therapeutic grade essential oils to create an atmosphere of spirituality and serenity. Discover for yourself this unique approach to body mind wellness.

75 minutes. $150.00

» Chair Massage

This treatment is done fully clothed while seated in a massage chair. Concentrating on back, neck, arms and hands. This is an excellent introduction to any hands-on therapy or for clients that are touch sensitive.

15 minutes $40.

» Concentrated Half Hour

Half hour of massage concentrated on specific areas of the body.  A great way to work thru an area of concern or ongoing issue.  Excellent for pain management.  Light, medium and deeper pressure.

30 minutes $75.00


This 30 Minute Treatment for Scalp, Face and Neck alleviates stress and tension, relieves sinus pressure and reduces headaches. It combines aromatherapy, massage, acupressure and lymphatic drainage for total relaxation and pain relief.

30 minutes $75.00


This 30 minute treatment for the feet, ankles and calves, combines massage, stretching and acupressure. Receive the benefits of improved circulation, stress relief and relaxation while restoring natural balance to the body.

30 Minutes $75.00

Add On Massage Services

Massage services that can be added on to the above services for a more relaxed and diverse massage experience.

» ADD: Cupping (with Sarah)

Ancient form of alternative medicine that uses specialized cups to create suction. Helps increase blood flow, reduces inflammation and pain and aids in muscle relaxation.

ADD $30.00

» ADD: Aromatherapy

A custom blend of essential oils just for you.

Add $10.00

» ADD: Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology is a type of bodywork that focuses on applying pressure to the specific nerve zones in your feet.

Add $45.00

» ADD: Hot Stone Massage

Heated Basalt Stones incorporated into your massage. The heat helps to relax deep into the muscle to release soreness. 

Add $45.00

» ADD: Mini (BACK ONLY) Hot Stones.

Heated Basalt stones used on the BACK ONLY. This treatment does not add any additional time to the length of your regular massage.

ADD: $10.00

» ADD: Reiki

For the ultimate in relaxation, to end your massage with 15 minutes of Reiki.

ADD $35.00

» ADD:  Mini Scrub

Enjoy a mini scrub added into your massage or facial. This treatment includes our own blend of a Sea Salt, Almond Oil and essential oils to remove dead skin and reveal softer cleaner skin. Hot towels remove the scrub, followed by a nourishing lotion. This treatment does not add any additional time to your session. Choose Back, Hands OR Feet. 

ADD $20.00

Energy Work


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It's administered by laying on hands and directing healing energy.

30min. $55 - 60min. $75.00


An interactive healing session. This work is done in the energetic realm, bringing the restoration of balance into the physical. Your session can include, opening sacred space, tracking or intuitive energy reading, illumination, extractions, soul piece retrieval, divination, journeying, work with power animals, guides, and crystals. See our "About" page to learn more about Christine.

60-80 minutes $140.00

Vibrational Sound Therapy with Christine Webb

A technique performed for a fully clothed client. Metal bowls are placed on and around the body, then activated by striking with a padded mallet, producing gentle vibration and sound. The session is deeply relaxing, providing stress, anxiety and tight muscle relief.

60 Minutes $85.
30 Minutes $55.
15 Minute Add-on $30.

Sea Magic Spiritual Healing with Andrea Elizabeth. Available Saturday, Wednesday or Monday (advanced booking is required).

Tarot Card Reading:
Tarot is a tool for unlocking the subconscious mind and bringing thoughts and feelings into conscious awareness. Andrea uses multiple Tarot Card decks to best match each persons energy to symbols in the cards.


Chakra Realignment: Includes divination using Tarot cards to help ascertain what is causing blockages, with Reiki and smudging to clear negative energy before realignment with Solfeggio Fz music and crystals. A perfect sampling of all Andrea's services.

75 to 90 minutes $150

Holistic Massage with Intuitive Life Path Reading featuring Patty Boyle

30 minutes of a Reiki infused concentrated massage followed by an intuitive reading. Patty’s knowledge of numerology and astrology combined with her many different card decks and crystals make this reading personal and unique.

Total time 75 minutes $150

Intuitive Yearly Life Path.

Patty gives you a month by month energetic reading for the year ahead. She uses her many Tarot Decks, crystals and her own intuitive abilities to give you a glimpse of the upcoming 12 months.


Tarot Card Reading with Patty:

Individual 60 Minutes $110

2 to 3 people 90 Minutes $150

4 to 5 (5 Max) 120 Minutes $200

Readings with Tara Whitehouse, Psychic Medium.

Available Sunday, Monday or Tuesday

Individual Reading

This reading includes; clarity, communication and closure with loved ones that have passed over to the other side. Past life readings and intuitive readings relating to health, career, love, relationships, finances or any other area of your life. Tara’s readings are healing, uplifting, and inspirational.
60 Minutes $150.00

Energy Healing Session

Balance blocked Chakras combining Reiki, Crystals, Tuning Forks and Essential Oils. This session can help relieve pain, sluggishness and anxiety.
60 Minutes $110



Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use.  A Reiki Master or Reiki Practitioner administers it through the “laying on of hands” while the client is fully clothed and is seated or laying on a massage table.  Reiki has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady, always creating a beneficial effect.

Reiki had been proven to help reduce anxiety, improve depression symptoms and helps trigger the body and mind’s natural restorative abilities.  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) patients could benefit greatly from Reiki therapy through a reduction in psychological distress, allowing them to finally move on the path to healing.

Cancer patients also receive the benefits of less fear, anger and stress to allow the body to begin healing itself.  Reiki is also used on animals to calm as well as to treat pain and behavioral problems.

30 Minutes $45, 60 Minutes $65

We have 8 rooms and can accommodate groups for Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Parties, Girls or Guys Get-A-Ways, or family events, etc.  We would need advanced notice of 5 to 7 days to schedule accommodations.  A 50% deposit would also be required.  Call 302-537-0510

All of our sessions are for the amount of time listed.  So 30, 60, or 90 minutes is the actual time of hands on.  Please allow 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to fill out a brief client intake form.  If  for some reason you can not keep your scheduled appointment, please give us 24 hours advanced notice.  Thank you! 

*Do to changes in Delaware massage regulations, clients under the age of 18 must have written parental permission AND a parent or guardian must be in the room while the massage is being performed.  So currently we are not offering massage therapy to clients under the age of 18, unless there is written parental permission AND a parent or guardian is in the room.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.